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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have subscribed to our platform, we will guide you through the onboarding process. This includes setting up your Organisation structure, defining emission sources,  familiarizing you with the platform, and data input assistance for the initial setup.

The data required can vary based on your business operations and how detailed you want to go, but commonly includes energy usage, fuel consumption, waste production, business travel information, commuting data, and supply chain data. Your dedicated Emissions Expert guides you through the entire data collection process.

The generation of your carbon footprint report is almost instant once all necessary data is input into the platform. However, the time it takes to gather and input this data can vary depending on the complexity of your operations and size of your organisation. From our experience, it takes 2-6 weeks in most cases.

Yes, Sustainalyse allows for tracking and reporting of your greenhouse gas emissions over time. Our advanced analytics module helps you measure the success of your decarbonization strategies and identify areas for further improvement (emissions hotspots).

Sustainalyse as a platform is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of systems and software. For specific integration inquiries, please contact our support team or ask your dedicated Climate Expert.

Our dedicated and world-class R&D team is committed to continually improving our platform and typically roll out updates on a regular basis. All updates and new features are included in your subscription plan at no additional cost.