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Sustainalyse MAIN

All-in-one Solution For full ESRS Compliance

A simple and structured way to calculate GHG emissions, track sustainability goals and report ESG related information.

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Sustainalyse MAIN

Trusted by forward thinking businesses

We offer support at any stage of your sustainability journey

ESG Consulting

With years of international experience in Sustanability consulting, our team of advisors can help your Company to achieve your sustainability goals in an expedited and cost-effective manner. 

We help with ESG Audit, double materiality assessment, Corporate Sustainability Strategy or full-fledged Sustainability Report in compliance with ESRS, GRI and other standards.


Extensive and user-intuitive set of tools designed for all ESG data collection and processing and management needs.

Calculate GHG emissions, manage ESG data and create reports fully compliant with all major sustainability reporting standards and frameworks such as ESRS, GRI, SASB, TCFD and more.



Sustainability trainings for aspiring professionals or seasoned experts via out Educational platform Sustain Academy.

From an hour-long training sessions to a three-month sustainability training program taught by industry leaders – we can offer a format that best suits your needs.


Fast track to ESG compliance & auditable reporting

Our team of dedicated Sustainability Experts will guide you to be fully compliant for the upcoming ESRS in the most time- and cost efficient manner  

What to expect from working with Sustainalyse

Our journey starts today

Initial call

First meeting with one of the Sustainalyse Experts where we clarify your needs, current state of affairs and align expectations

Our journey starts today

Week 1

Define Scope

Based on the information gathered we help you define the scope of assistance needed and select the right partnership approach.

It could be

  • one-off consultations
  • online or in-person trainings
  • on-going project carried out together
  • software solutions
Week 1

Week 2

Commercial proposal

We share a commercial proposal tailored to your Organisation needs.

There you will find all of the details about the proposed project such as budget, timeline and team members who will be part of your Sustainability Working Group.

Week 2

Week 3-4

Project start

Once all of the details are ironed out, we can start the project.

The entire process usually takes 2-4 weeks.

Week 3-4

1-6 months

Working towards your Sustainability goals

Depending on the scope and complexity of your project it may take a while. You can expect to be engaged in activities such as:

Interviewing stakeholders

Data collection

Report writing

1-6 months

Your sustainability goals reached!

While it may not be the  end of the road – it’s definitely an important milestone that needs to be recognised and celebrated


Experience a simple CSRD Workflow

Organise ESG data and gain a holistic view of your sustainability performance

Simplify ESG data collection across your organisation through workflow automation, role assignments, and status monitoring

Streamline data collection with our project management features, contextual guidelines, and reporting templates.

Customise tool for reporting and analytics based on CSRD and individual needs.

One platform, everything you need for CSRD

Calculate GHG emissions, manage ESG data and create reports based on major standards, frameworks and ratings.


Trusted by forward thinking businesses

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Compliant. Stable. Audit-proof.

Regardless of whether emissions are being evaluated for the 1st or the 10th time, the process is fairly similar and well defined.

One software, full support

Emissions Management

Measure, manage, and reduce CO2 emissions by knowing your impact. Easily calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and build your action plan.

ESG Reporting

Collect your sustainability data and use predefined templates to comply with various ESG reporting standards, such as GRI, ESRS, IFRS S, and more

EU Taxonomy

Evaluate your economic activities in line with the EU Taxonomy and calculate your taxonomy-eligible and -aligned turnover, CapEx, and OpEx.

Expert Support

Get support along the way. Our sustainability experts share their insights during deep-dive workshops and help you start your sustainability journey with an individual roadmap.

Ready to start? Let’s talk

Whether you’re just starting or want to improve your carbon management and ESG reporting, we have you covered

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Trusted by forward thinking businesses