Our software solutions

Measure Carbon Footprint

Scope 1
Direct emmisions from operations

Scope 2
Electricity, heating, steam and cooling purchased from the grid

Scope 3
Indirect emmisions from the entire value-chain

Product level emissions
Understand your detailed emmissions on a product level

Transport emissions
(based on GLEC framework)

Manage & Prepare ESG data

Double materiality
Expedite your double materiality assessment with our DM module

Manage ESRS data
Understand, Collect and Structure your  ESG data in compliance with European Sustainability Reporting Standard

Assess Climate & Nature Risks
Assess risks in accordance to frameworks such as TCFD and TNFD

Set and track targets
Set ambitious & science-based targets, model initiatives and track progress over time

Get ESRS compliant faster and easier

Understand, gather and structure your Sustainability data with ease by utilising our software & dedicated team of experts.